Fall Bucket List

Fall is always a crazy time of year at our house. We are always scrambling to finish outdoor house projects before the snow starts falling and working long hours to harvest the crops from our fields. The boys gather the last of the vegetables from the garden and Brady makes enough firewood to heat our home for the long winter. We gather the honey from our bees and make gallons of grape juice. It’s a comforting routine that we all enjoy.


This season seems to be going by so quickly and I want to make sure we take time to do some special fall activities this year. We have already done some of the typical things like going to the pumpkin farm,making jack o’lanterns and jumping in leaf piles.

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I am still hoping to fit at least a few of these activities in before the season changes on me.

  • Making caramel apples

  • Hiking in the woods

  • Picnic at the pond with pumpkin doughnuts and hot apple cider

  • Bonfire with family and friends

  • Family touch football game

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A Library for the Kids-One Room Challenge:Week 3

Happy Sunday! Here we are at week 3 of the One Room Challenge and it has certainly had its ups and downs. My three year old has been battling pneumonia and keeping him comfortable was my number one priority this week. I also was not feeling well the last few days and spent my free time snuggling on the sofa while watching Judge Judy. I find her to be strangely comforting when I don’t feel well. Go figure. I still managed to make some good progress on the room and both Ike and I are feeling better. I have a first coat of paint on the walls and ceiling and this wallpaper arrives on Monday. I also have my artwork, furnishings and accessories ordered. The fireplace is painted. Next week we need to tackle the reading nook that will be built in this little corner.


I got this pretend fire for the boys to use in the fireplace. They can’t wait to read next to a roaring fire.


Please check out the other One Room Challenge participants here. The transformations are looking so good!


Wallpaper for Children's Rooms

I have a love/hate relationship with wallpaper. I love all the beautiful choices available and wallpaper can add so much character to a room, but I hate removing it. I am drawn to old houses that need a little TLC. My current house is one of those houses. I have spent countless hours stripping wallpaper off of the walls and ceilings (yes, ceilings) of this house. I know wallpaper has drastically changed since the 1980’s and the new stuff is supposed to peel off easily. I think it might be time to give it a try in my own house. Maybe in a child’s bedroom? Here’s some inspiration images and some adorable choices for children’s rooms.

via IKEA

via IKEA