Take Five: A Relaxing Weekend

Happy Friday! I am so excited to start the weekend. We are finally back to normal around here and I am hopeful we will have a low-key weekend with no ER or urgent care visits. I’m hoping to partake in some Netflix binge watching and a quiet bubble bath. Here are five items that will have you relaxing too. These are all available on Amazon Prime in case you feel the need to have them before the Thanksgiving family gatherings. ;)

Have a great weekend!

Life Lately

Happy Wednesday! I hope you had a chance to check out all the One Room Challenge reveals. They were so inspiring. I am sincerely impressed with how much was accomplished in 6 weeks. I really enjoyed participating this time around and meeting so many wonderful people along the way.

20181107_133502 (1).jpg

This little superhero has had a rough month. He has been fighting reoccurring pneumonia and had to spend a few days at Children’s hospital. The poor kid also developed a double ear infection and had an allergic reaction to the antibiotics. Needless to say, I’ve been doing a lot of snuggling and running to doctor appointments and not much else. I’m hoping Mary Poppins shows up soon to get this house/family back in order.


We’ve had our first snow (aka time for the boys to start asking every single day if it’s time to get a Christmas tree yet). I think I’ll let them start decorating the house next week. I want to enjoy their excitement before they grow up and don’t want to help with the decorations anymore. I’ll be a little sad when we don’t have a Christmas tree with all the ornaments on the bottom third and three ornaments to one branch (the obvious work of a toddler, but so much better than a perfect tree). I’ve got some great posts in the works including gift guides and new room designs, but right now I’m busy watching the sky for Mary Poppins.

Fall Bucket List

Fall is always a crazy time of year at our house. We are always scrambling to finish outdoor house projects before the snow starts falling and working long hours to harvest the crops from our fields. The boys gather the last of the vegetables from the garden and Brady makes enough firewood to heat our home for the long winter. We gather the honey from our bees and make gallons of grape juice. It’s a comforting routine that we all enjoy.


This season seems to be going by so quickly and I want to make sure we take time to do some special fall activities this year. We have already done some of the typical things like going to the pumpkin farm,making jack o’lanterns and jumping in leaf piles.

download (1).jpg
download (2).jpg

I am still hoping to fit at least a few of these activities in before the season changes on me.

  • Making caramel apples

  • Hiking in the woods

  • Picnic at the pond with pumpkin doughnuts and hot apple cider

  • Bonfire with family and friends

  • Family touch football game

download (3).jpg

Take Five: Hostess Gifts

I love getting together with friends and family in the fall. The air is turning a little chilly and it’s starting to get dark out at dinnertime. The ambiance is perfect for gathering around the table or a fireplace with amazing people. Hosting a party is not always easy so I like to keep a few host/hostess gifts on hand to show my appreciation for a lovely evening. Here are my current top five.