Nostalgic Wisconsin Summer

The stores are filling with school supplies and summer school is coming to an end. I don’t know about you, but I’m not ready for summer to end. We are enjoying this season way too much. I’m not ready to give up sleeping in, watching fireflies, swimming every day, eating s’mores, and riding bikes. I absolutely adore Wisconsin summers. The humidity and mosquitoes are annoying, but the fresh air and lakes make up for it. I love that kids still go to summer camp where they play capture the flag and learn how to canoe. I love that friends still gather together at a supper club on a Friday night to enjoy Fish Fry and an Old Fashioned. I love that my kids are experiencing a very similar summer to Brady and I when we were growing up. I need to wrap this up. The boys and I are going to make homemade lemonade and then read stories in the hammock instead of cleaning the house. Summer vibes around here.