My Favorite Spring 2019 One Room Challenge Spaces

Did you have a chance to check out the final reveals for the One Room Challenge? I love following the six week transformations every spring and fall. Last fall was the first time I participated (you can see the final reveal here) and it was such a fun experience. I had hoped to participate in the spring challenge, but it just didn’t fit into my schedule. Today I want to share some of my favorite 2019 spring orc spaces. They are so good! The designers all did an amazing job.

This bright and cheerful space is a far cry from the dingy basements I’m used to. I love how the use of bright colors and fun artwork makes this an inviting space for all ages. The patterned tile in the bathroom is just enough to keep it interesting without being chaotic. I can’t get enough of this transformation!

This may just be my favorite gallery wall ever. Seriously. Everything about this space is farmhouse perfection. The stenciled floor is lovely and I love the green paint choice.

Outdoor spaces tend to be difficult to finish in the six week deadline, but this garden is finished and it’s GOOD. I’m a design nerd, so the space planning of this garden is my favorite part. It is laid out beautifully and every inch of space is put to good use. I’m also a sucker for a good looking sliding barn door.

This room is all about the correct use of pattern and texture. I love that it’s calm and soothing while still being visually interesting. A great room for two very adorable girls!

This space should get the award for most original and inspiring. It is magical and unforgettable. The lamps in the music room and the trees in the forest are my favorite parts.

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