Summer Wardrobe Must-Haves For Boys

A few weeks ago, I washed and packed away the snow pants and boots and I moved all of our swim gear into the laundry room cabinets. I felt like such an organized and well-prepared mom. Then it snowed again and the boys begged to make a snowman so I dragged out the pants, boots, hats and mittens and hoped they’d come back in clean. Unfortunately, the ground wasn’t frozen and since we didn’t have grass at the time (more on that in a future post), the boys were playing in a beautiful mix of snow and mud. It was a little boy’s dream and the giggles made it totally worth the trouble. Now that I have it all washed and packed away again, I am moving on to summer and not looking back. Here are some adorable summer wardrobe pieces I already bought or plan on buying for Ike and Ollie.