Modern Farmhouse Front Door Refresh

Our front door is in desperate need of some attention. It’s been easy to ignore for the past 2 years for a couple of reasons. My first excuse is that other projects needed to be finished in a certain order and were higher on the priority list. Having heat and running water = priority. Doors on the bedrooms…also a priority. My second excuse is that our front door actually faces the woods behind our house and can only be seen by the few adventurous people who dare to venture up our long and very rough dirt driveway. These are hearty folks who are fine with knocking down a few cobwebs and look right past the chew marks on the door left behind by a woodchuck.

We’ve got a long weekend ahead of us and we are ready to make some progress on this neglected front porch. There are so many great sales this weekend and I wanted to put together a quick inspiration board for you in case you wanted to refresh your front door too. Have a great weekend!