Life Lately

Happy Wednesday! I hope you had a chance to check out all the One Room Challenge reveals. They were so inspiring. I am sincerely impressed with how much was accomplished in 6 weeks. I really enjoyed participating this time around and meeting so many wonderful people along the way.

20181107_133502 (1).jpg

This little superhero has had a rough month. He has been fighting reoccurring pneumonia and had to spend a few days at Children’s hospital. The poor kid also developed a double ear infection and had an allergic reaction to the antibiotics. Needless to say, I’ve been doing a lot of snuggling and running to doctor appointments and not much else. I’m hoping Mary Poppins shows up soon to get this house/family back in order.


We’ve had our first snow (aka time for the boys to start asking every single day if it’s time to get a Christmas tree yet). I think I’ll let them start decorating the house next week. I want to enjoy their excitement before they grow up and don’t want to help with the decorations anymore. I’ll be a little sad when we don’t have a Christmas tree with all the ornaments on the bottom third and three ornaments to one branch (the obvious work of a toddler, but so much better than a perfect tree). I’ve got some great posts in the works including gift guides and new room designs, but right now I’m busy watching the sky for Mary Poppins.