A Library for the Kids-One Room Challenge:Week One

Hi there! My name is Kristin and I am so excited to be a guest participant in the One Room Challenge. We have made so much progress on our house in the last two years, but there is one room that requires us to keep the door shut when guests are over. It’s the smallest bedroom/storage room and it definitely needs some TLC. I thought about using it as a guest room or a playroom, but I don’t think either would get a whole lot of use. My boys spend most of their time playing outside, but there is one thing I see all three of them do inside every single day. Read. They love to sprawl out on the floor with a pile of books. Why not turn the extra room into a library? I know they would use it all the time for reading or playing a game. I want it to be a calming space with a bit of a moody vibe. It needs to have plenty of space for our growing book collection and child-friendly seating. I also want to add some whimsical features to make the space really special and fun.


Here’s what I’m hoping to accomplish.

  • Finish the flooring and install the rest of the baseboard

  • Skim coat the walls

  • Give everything a fresh coat of paint

  • New lighting

  • Build a reading nook

  • Add book storage

  • Bring in all the furnishings/accessories/art

This is what the room currently looks like.


Yikes, right? I can’t wait to show you my plan next week, but here’s a peek at some inspiration images that have me excited.


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