A Library for the Kids-One Room Challenge:Week 5

It’s week 5 of the One Room Challenge and I’m so excited for the reveal next week. I am a little anxious about the deadline, but Brady and I have done enough projects together to know we can finish this on time. We might be a little sleep-deprived at the end, though. I took a four day break this week for my first trip to Seattle. It did not disappoint. Brady worked on the reading nook while I was away. Here’s a progress photo for you.


We are building stairs instead of a ladder because the boys will most likely have their hands full of books. This photo is of course before any trim or finishing touches. I still have to decide what color to paint it or I could stain it. Decisions, decisions. I mentioned last week that I had a problem with the wallpaper. The wallpaper doesn’t come in a typical roll. The company cuts the sheets to the right length for you. Here is the wallpaper laid out on the floor. Can you notice the problem?


The pattern doesn’t match up. What?? Who would hang the wallpaper that way and not go insane looking at it? Spoonflower, you broke my heart. At first I hoped we could some how make it work with the extra we would have because of the slanted ceiling, but it was a no go. We’ve decided to run a chair rail across the wall and wallpaper only the top half and offset the sheets to make the pattern line up. We will do a wall treatment beneath if we have time otherwise maybe I’ll paint it with chalkboard paint. Another problem reared its ugly head this week.


My angelic three year old decided to climb on the new coffee table and tipped it over. Seriously, little dude? In his defense, we did have the table for like two weeks so its not like it was brand new or anything. Kids. Good thing they’re so cute.

download (5).jpg

I really haven’t made a lot of changes to the original plan, but I did want to tell you about one additional project we are going to tackle after the challenge. The door to the room is in rough shape due to the previous owner’s cat. I was going to try to fill in the scratches and paint the door. That would be easy, but certainly not as fun as this.

What kid wouldn’t love a hidden bookcase door to their own library? A company called Murphy Door sells complete door kits or just the hardware if you’re gutsy enough to build your own door. Brady is going to build ours in the next month or so and I’m going to share the whole process on the blog. Fun, right? Here are the links to all the past weeks of the challenge.

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