2018 Room Design for Kirsten

I received my first Pleasant Company (later became American Girl) catalog in 1986. I must have spent hours looking at that catalog over and over again. My favorite of the three dolls was Kirsten. Her name was similar to mine and she too had a Swedish heritage. I knew Kirsten and I were destined to be together. The dolls were $68 back then not including the beginning accessories, but I asked for her the following Christmas anyway. No such luck. I tried again the next year with the same outcome. I was not giving up though, and the following year I wrote out my list to Santa and made sure that the Kirsten doll was the cheapest thing I asked for. I knew Santa would have a hard time bringing me a horse and I was right. Kirsten and I were finally together. I loved that doll.

I thought it would be fun to show you how I would design a modern day bedroom inspired by the all-time best American Girl doll, Kirsten. Tomorrow I’ll be back with the next ORC post. It’s really starting to come together!

2018 Room Design for American Girl Doll Kirsten.jpg