A Library for the Kids-One Room Challenge:Week 4

Well, we have made it to week four of the one room challenge. Week three was a little rocky, but we made good progress over the weekend. The room is painted a lovely combination of Sherwin Williams Sea Salt and Retreat.

We built the book ledges and painted them the same color as the wall. We used lumber we already had around and the six ledges took less than an hour to build.


The wallpaper arrived right on time and is going to be perfect. I have one hiccup with it that I need to resolve. Next week I hope to share with you the problem AND the solution. Here’s a sneak peek.


I had the Copenhagen photo from Jenny’s Print Shop printed and I absolutely love it. It brings back fond memories of my visit to Copenhagen. The ordering process was quick and easy and I was able to have it printed at Walgreen’s in less than an hour. I used a coupon so it only cost me $11.00 for a 20x30.


I’ve started gathering accessories for the room, but some sneaky little boys keep trying to take things from the stash. The dragon is especially tempting.


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