A Library for the Kids-One Room Challenge:Week 2

Happy Thursday morning! I was hoping to get this post up right away this morning, but we woke up to very chilly temps and I had to unpack our winter coats and hats. Yesterday we were wearing shorts and flip flops. Oh Wisconsin, you love to keep us guessing. Anyways, time for an update on the One Room Challenge. As a reminder this is how the room looked last week.


I know you are probably thinking, “Why would you change it when it looks so good already?” and although it is lovely, we are going for less crack-house style and more modern farmhouse style. Just clearing the room was a vast improvement. We also have the walls skim coated, floors finished, and have finalized our plans.


My inspiration was this whale wallpaper from Spoonflower. We are planning on using it on only one wall to add interest without being too busy. This print from Jenny’s Print Shop will hang over the fireplace and is also the inspiration for our “little house” reading nook. The room is 9’ by 16’ with a strange little cubby that wraps around the chimney. We are going to use that cubby for the lofted reading nook. I’m hoping we can get the room painted this weekend and then start in on the fun stuff.

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