summer bucket list

Yesterday was the first day of school for my little guy. I’m still not quite ready to give up summer. We had a list of activities we wanted to do over the break. I like to have an idea of what summer traditions are important to the kids, but we don’t get stressed if some items don’t get crossed off the list before summer comes to an end. We have four more items to complete our list. I think we can accomplish that by Labor Day. Do you plan out your summer activities or go with the flow?

Summer Bucket list (1).jpg

Ballard Designs New Arrivals

Happy Friday! Do you have big plans for the weekend? We are removing a couple of trees in preparation for our new shed, ordering a few new windows, and doing some much needed exterior painting. Hopefully we can relax a little too. Yesterday’s post was about the IKEA new arrivals and today I want to share the new arrivals from Ballard Designs. I was really impressed with so many of their pieces. I love that this season they added more transitional items with clean lines and beautiful details. Here are some of my favorites.

I also love this acrylic and brass frame. It is a bit of a splurge, but you can snag it for 25% off right now. I believe all the items above are included in the sale.

New Arrivals from IKEA

I opened the mailbox the other day and immediately noticed the new IKEA catalog near the bottom of the pile. I have an annual tradition of waiting until the kids are asleep and then snuggling in bed with my pj’s on and the IKEA catalog in my hands. I don’t even allow myself to sneak a peek at any of the pages. My grandma started giving me her catalog decades ago (yes, decades) and back then I dreamed of my first apartment and filling it with all…the…things. This dream apartment would be in a big city and I would share it with Neve Campbell. Party of Five was such a great show, right? We would quickly become best friends and laugh and talk about boys while lounging on our IKEA sofa. At night we would pick plaid skirts and Doc Martens out of our pine wardrobes before our boyfriends arrived for a double date. None of these things actually happened in real life and I’ve never even owned an IKEA sofa, but I still to this day love looking through the catalog. Neve and I probably would’ve ended up fighting while assembling all that furniture and I don’t think I could have afforded Doc Martens AND a fully furnished apartment so it’s probably for the best anyway. Here are a few of my favorite new items from IKEA.

Books for our modern farmhouse

School registration was today and I suddenly feel an urgency to fit as much summer into the next few weeks as I possibly can. I have so many personal house projects that I should be working on, but I think they can wait until fall. One project we are hoping to start is finally adding bookcases around the fireplace. What a wonderful excuse to buy more books, right? Here are a few books I plan to add to our collection.

A colorful family bathroom

Do you have a favorite color? My favorite color for most of my life was red. I even had a red telephone in my bedroom when I was a teen. I don’t have a favorite color anymore, but I still love colorful accents in a room. Bathrooms are a great place to add color and pattern in a bold way. This family bathroom is casual and fun for the kids while still being adult-friendly too. I love the National Parks print paired with a favorite national park candle. I also love the simple print on the shower curtain and the black and brass finishes together.

I would love to see this paired with a good penny tile and a wood vanity. Below are some examples.