Take Five: Target Fall Home Decor

Our basement flooded this weekend. Ugh. While I was down there mopping up water, I grabbed the bin of fall decorations. It’s a little early, but I figured it would keep the kids busy while I cleaned up. It’s always fun to watch them figure out a good spot for each item. Most items end up at eye level for them. If you happen to stop by our house, please look down to enjoy our festive decorations. Target has some great fall items in their home department right now. Here are five that I have my eye on.

fall wardrobe favorites for boys

Yesterday I shared some of my favorite fall clothing items for women. Today I’m sharing my favorite fall clothing items for boys. I am the mother to three wonderful boys so I try to invest in higher quality pieces if I know we’ll be passing them down to the next child. However, each of my boys have very unique clothing preferences when it comes to pants and shirt styles so I try to choose items that are a little more budget-friendly for those. Happy Friday everyone!


Fall wardrobe favorites for women

Yesterday I overheard two women talking about their Christmas shopping progress. The one woman had a good start and a definite “plan of attack” and the other woman was almost done. Um…what? I need to figure out Halloween costumes for the kids before I can even start to think about Christmas. I did manage to start preparing for the change in seasons by going through everyone’s closets. I am all about easy and comfortable right now. Today I’m sharing some fall clothing items I love that I purchased or currently have in my cart. Tomorrow I’ll share some of my favorites for little boys. Maybe you can even buy a few as Christmas gifts. I’ll be super impressed. Maybe I’ll even order a gift or two. Maybe.


Take Five: Recipes to make this fall

Do you have big plans for the weekend? I’m hoping to actually take Sunday off and relax. The weather is supposed to be a little dreary which means it’ll be a great day to read a book, watch a movie, light some candles, and do some baking. I plan on making chili and hand pies for dinner and a baked brie for an afternoon snack. Below are five great recipes to make this fall. Enjoy your weekend!

Dining Table and Chair Combinations

So…have you had a pumpkin spice latte yet? I’m still holding out. I did give in this morning and put on a cozy sweater and thick socks. It was chilly and definitely felt like fall is just around the corner. That also means that big holidays are just around the corner too. Are you hosting any holiday parties this year? Now is a great time to purchase a new dining table and chairs. You don’t want to wait too late and find out the perfect table for you won’t arrive until after the holidays. You can also take advantage of all the Labor Day sales this weekend. I’ve done a roundup of table and chair combinations to hopefully inspire you. Remember to measure your space carefully before choosing a table. Leave 36 inches between the table and a wall or other furniture. This will leave enough room to comfortably walk around or pull out a chair. Also think about comfort when choosing a chair. If you have to sit through your cousin’s long-winded political rant and your great-aunt’s lime jello (again), at least you should be comfortable, am I right? Have a great Labor Day weekend!